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Del Amo Optometry:
Your Optometrist for the Whole Family

Located in Torrance, California, our eye care center provides a comprehensive spectrum of eye health services, catering to patients spanning all age groups, from youngsters to senior citizens. Our experienced eye doctors are committed to ensuring your eyes remain in excellent health and your vision stays sharp.

Whether you require new eyeglasses or treatment for eye conditions, our Torrance-based optometric professionals offer state-of-the-art eye and vision care services.

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Quality Care & Treatment

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Comprehensive exams are key to healthy long-term vision. Our board-certified optometrists at Del Amo Optometry provide comprehensive eye exams for kids, teenagers, patients of all ages, including children with special needs.

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When it comes to contact lenses, one size does not fit all. We'll properly fit your contact lenses, so you can feel comfortable and see clearly. We offer a variety of contact lenses, such as daily and monthly disposables as well as multifocal contacts.

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We offer effective treatment from mild to severe dry eye syndrome. Whether it’s an occasional irritant or chronic, we can help. Get the relief you seek by contacting us for a full diagnosis and a treatment plan that’s right for you!

Popular Eye Care Services

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Lasik Co-Management

If you're seeking an alternative to glasses and/or contacts, consider turning to us for co-managing LASIK, cataract, refractive, and various other ocular surgical procedures.

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Eye Emergencies

Del Amo Optometry is well-prepared to address most eye emergencies, including conditions like eye infections, eye injuries, and the removal of foreign bodies from the eye.

Our Torrance Eye Doctors

At Del Amo Optometry, our optometrists employ the latest, evidence-based medical treatments, delivering exceptional results in the field of eye care.

Dr. Louise Quick, OD
Dr. Tiffany Liu, OD

Unmasking Dry Eye: Symptoms, Causes, and Solutions

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Beat the Rush!

Just like your end-of-the-year holiday planning, it’s also a busy time for your eye doctors.


Regular eye exams are critical because what may seem like a vision-related problem might be an indication of a broader health...